anyone has indoor light set up?

sheltiecheDecember 15, 2007

And if anyone is growing some seedlings indoor North suburbs Chicago I would love to hear from you.

I usually end up with overcrowded space by mid February and have few extra seedlings of this and that so was thinking about sharing, possible exchanging to make it more fun.

Presently am growing pansies, viola, columbine origami and songbird, primulas, schizanthus, snaps for early show.

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Your post makes me nostalgic. I did the seedling, lights, heating pad, the past. Now I just go buy them from the professionals. I found that by the time I toted up my light bill, cost of soilless mix, seeds, etc. it just was not worth it. My yard is too small.
Great going tho, for those of you who persist. There is such satisfaction in watching those little seeds turn into plants. If I had the room, I would go back to that.

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Yes, I go that route, Im in a couple other forums and have always had feeders out , but this is just my sophomore year in hummer gardening and seedling growing. I dont start growing them untill mid-feb/march and I wish I could contain myself for a couple more wks before I start. Last year , being inexperienced I lost a lot of seedlings this year I have a lot and I love doing it, but I will be giving some to my sister. I only have a small yard but I love my hummers. Especially during migration during august last year I had 20plus in my yard at early morn. Fun to be out there with my coffee and waiting for the first hummer to arrive. Im not a morning person either so I have to set my alarm to get that done. But I stray , this year having so many seedlings doing well I have branched and had to add an extra set of shoplights. I already have two sets in my growing room, but as certain ones get bigger they advance to the second set of lights and then to the bay window area. Sorry to carry on so!!

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