Sun loving hosta with a form like blue cadet

philipw2(7 MD/DC)July 19, 2013

So they had to put in a French drain next to the driveway. It is sunny. I fear for weeds. Nothing takes care of weeds like hosta.

I would like to line my driveway with a hosta that looks a lot like a Blue cadet, but it has to stand up to sun.

Any suggestions?

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I have Pacific Blue Edger in full sun until 2:00 and it stands up really well. It does turn green with more sun, though, as will most blue varieties.

I grow Halcyon in all day sun and it holds the blue color all season. It's a really nice hosta, but I believe it's larger than blue cadet.

Of course, any hosta you want to grow in full sun will need plenty of water or you'll get sun scorch no matter how sun tolerant it is.

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I also immediately thought of Pacific Blue Edger. I have several divisions in about 5 hours of mid day sun. They hold up well. Here is a pic of one of mine in bloom.

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Do you want a blue hosta for sure? If color doesn't matter, there are a few more suggestions I would make.

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Pearl Lake is very similar and on Don's list for sun tolerant.


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One that could pass as a twin for Blue Cadet is Banyai's Dancing Girl. I really like it.

How much sun does it have to take exactly?

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philipw2(7 MD/DC)

Thanks for the questions, suggestions and photo.

A lot of sun hits that driveway, but by 12-1 PM the fence and shrubs will likely shade it.

Also I meant the form of blue cadet. I am less concerned about the color.

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In that case, you may also look into 'Gold Edger' and 'Olympic Edger'. 'Golden Tiara' and 'Grand Tiara' can take quite a bit of sun and they have the smallish round form you're looking for as well.

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Here is what I have, that I believe to Golden Tiara, that gets full sun from about 10 am to around 1 pm.

Granted it stays pretty moist, because the AC condensation drip tube is just out of frame to the left.

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bernd ny zone5(5)

My grandson has a now large clump of 'Blue Cadet' in full sun in his vegetable and fruit garden, which also gets regular watering.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

be concerned with peeps who make suggestions.. looking at their zone as compared to yours....

your z7 is going to be a whole world different than most of us in z5 ...

dont get me wrong.. they have great ideas.. i jsut note it might work different in your area ....

i remain unconvinced that smith's is golden tiara.... its simply not that big.. and it doesnt clump like that ...

and you are probably going to have heavy watering issues next to a driveway.. in sun... along with heat retention ... besides the fact.. that the drain.. MIGHT increase watering issues .... with that big empty space a foot or two down ...

my best suggestion.. learn how to use round up.. and do NOT plant on top of your drain ...

and plant hosta elsewhere ...

BTW ... why not just grass????


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