HAVE: Possible Adenium Cuttings

opend(08730)March 11, 2008

Well, it looks like I may have killed my Adenium plant. For some reason I watered it, maybe because the tips had turned brown and then other tips were starting to show green. It's very obvious the base is rotting. I'm not sure if it's totally going to die yet, but I'll most likely end up taking as many cuttings as possible to save it. It has no leaves, yes, but I still have some green tips. I have never propagated an Adenium but will probably try. This is your chance to get a cutting or two off a decent sized plant. It's more tall than multi-branched, just so you know. Just let me know if you are interested. I don't care so much about trades more than I do the cuttings having a good home, but I would be interested in anything along the lines of hardy palm seedlings, Colocasia/alocasia plants, Musa Basjoo, etc. I've had the plant for years and this is kind of sad. It has bloomed every summer for me. It likes our summers.

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