Where to find Witch Hazel plants in GA

Homechicken(7b/metro-Atlanta)May 5, 2013

My wife and I both use witch hazel a good bit for minor irritations, etc. I actually use it as an aftershave. I thought I might try to plant a Witch Hazel shrub or two and try making our own concoction from the leaves/bark rather than buying it. Any idea where I might find it in the eastern metro-Atlanta/Snellville area? None of the local nurseries seem to have it and I haven't had much luck finding it online. I'd much rather buy it locally anyway. Is it a seasonal thing that I'll have more luck finding in the fall?

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We had some for sale at the Georgia Native Plant Society sale two weeks ago in Marietta. Native, local plants, fresh from a construction rescue.

I have one that had to be cut down at the rescue due to construction damage. It's not pretty right now so I didn't bring it to the sale. But it is vigorously sprouting back. I can bring it to our May meeting at Atlanta Botanical Garden on May 14 if you want to buy it from the plant society (we'll be selling some other plants too).

Here is a link that might be useful: GNPS Meeting

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If you're interested, please post back here. I won't bring it otherwise.

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witch hazel is found naturally growing along rivers and creeks, they like to have their feet in water

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