Small River Birch?

momliz(7a VA)May 19, 2013

Does anyone know if there are dwarf River Birch cultivars available? I would love to have one for its wildlife value, but I don't have the room for a tree. Or are there shrub birches that would do well in my Virginia yard? z7a and probably heading towards z8.

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If you don't mind mail order, Rare Find Nursery in NJ has two smaller varieties. A good source for rhodies, azaleas, native and unusual plants, really know their stuff, and (need I say it?) one of my favorite nurseries. (No, I don't work there and don't own stock in the company ;-)

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ken_mce(zone 4, NY)

Be advised, the roots from those things go everywhere.

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They are shallow-rooted trees, and, as their name implies, they do like water, but mine is still playing nicely with its neighbors in the garden. A word to the wise, however, is never a bad idea.

I am currently taking a course on trees & shrubs for our region, and some to avoid. The instructor has cautioned us that the clump river birches are bound to become a problem years down the road, as they are meant to be single-trunk trees. The multiple trunks will compete with each other and eventually some will fail ... and fall. Well, where was he when I was picking out my beloved 'Heritage'? There is a huge, multi-trunk one about a mile from my home, so if my tree fails, I don't think it will be in my lifetime. Gorgeous bark.

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momliz(7a VA)

hmmm good to know about multiple trunks - logical when you think about it. I have found two small birches - Duraheat and Fox Valley. Now to decide between the two.

Thanks for your help!

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