WANTED: Thanks for the great swap!

ellenhJune 5, 2005

To everyone who came,

I think the swap was a great success! Thanks for coming! Lisa, we missed you. I got a ton of stuff, I'd love to share some with you.

Steve - you know I'll be emailing you getting names of the many plants you gave me. I'm still pottings things up this morning! I ran out of light last night.

To those who didn't come - boy did you miss out. Maybe next time.


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loris(Z6 NJ)

IÂve been busy part of today with planting, and think some other people who attended yesterday might be too. I was amazed at the variety and quality of plants, and it was just fun.

DonÂt know if it would have come off without Ellen organizing things (the location was great), Lisa starting it, and Stephen saying on Wednesday evening that he still intended to go.

Thank you everyone for the great plants, and I hope that everybody enjoyed it as much as I did (sounds at least like Ellen did!)

Thanks again.

-- Lori

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Thanks alot for this year's swap !
Steve thanks for all the neat stuff especially the Crossvine and Spicebush,Ive been reading that the Stewardia is very endangered now.

Lori thanks for the Fennel which Ive been reading up on and I hope to get some Swallowtail cats on it this year.Thanks for the Christmas Ferns and Spiderwort as well! You always have the best Natives. It's so hard to find these natives around ! Lori I got everything in the ground today and I re-discovered my original Spicebush that you gave me last year! It was tucked away in the Columbine bed and is now about 12" tall.I was so happy to find it again . I knew I put it in an area that I would'nt be disturbing and I was crossing my fingers that I did'nt pull it out thinking it was a weed. I just cut down the last of my invasive White Mullberry to give it some more sun.I planted Steve's in the same area.

Drew thanks again for the big 'ole clump of Hosta and the fine clumps of Sedum.It was nice meeting you and maybe we'll bump into eachother again.

Tiarella thanks for the Red Cardinalflower, you can never have too much of that.

Thanks to the 'Tomato Guy' too,I hope they all find a home.

Good luck to everyone who got my seedlings , most of them were potted up in the last few days so be careful with them because they are probably allready cranky.
Lisa and Ellen thanks so much for making this happen ! We even got to see Bluebirds!

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I planted all of the plants I got at the swap that afternoon. It was so nice to meet new and old friends and talk about nothing but plants. Just when you think you have one of everything an oppurtunity like the swap comes along to prove you wrong. Always fun to learn new things. I even took some tomato plants and gave them to 2 of my neighbors who were thrilled and marvelled at the descriptive names. Seems they both like heirloom tomatoes but have trouble finding them for sale so I made some one else's day as well as my own. Thanks Tomato Guy!

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I'm glad the tomatoes found homes. I didn't want to throw them on the compost heap if I could avoid it. Sorry I couldn't stay- I really like the whole concept. My boys and I planted our climber for the hummingbirds- we'll keep an eye out for them now this summer.

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loris(Z6 NJ)


I wanted to mention the fennel was from somebody else (I think it might have been Tiarella) and not native here. Think it's one of those plants people often think is native.

I'm so glad you found last year's spicebush, and it's doing well.


I am curious by nature, so if I didn't know who somebody was, I did ask their GardenWeb name. I hope "Tomato Guy" doesn't mind my ID'ing him as "evan1".

-- Lori

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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

I'm glad you all went and had a good time and it didn't rain on you. How many showed up, all together?


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loris(Z6 NJ)

Sorry I didn't notice evan1's post, before submitting my last post. (There were many distractions here so from start to finish it took me about an hour to write it)

Lisa, thanks--I hope you'll be there next time.

I think there were 7 GardenWeb members, and 13 people all together.

-- Lori

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I'm still totally JAZZED about the swap. It's not just the materials I received, which are fabulous, but just being with the group. Your enthusiasm and intensity rubbed off and I'm looking forward to the next opportunity.

I've always been a tree and shrub guy, but now with a small garden of my own, perennials and annuals get to come to the forefront. I've got a lot to learn about this group.

I managed to get the unpotted pieces into the ground Sunday. Those in containers are stablized until I can research their needs and habits, and make the space. Saturday looks busy.

I'm looking forward to being able to contribute more next time.


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I would love to participate in the next swap. I am on the border of Hunterdon/Somerset/Morris counties. I'm sure I can dig up a few goodies to share!

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