Flowers/Plants not Blooming

yogamamaMay 19, 2008


I purchased a few different flowers from a local nursery and they had blooms on them when I purchased them. Since transplanting all fo them, they are not blooming (or growing much) at all. Is this typical? Did they go dormant? The ones I purchased are Creeping Phlox, Aster's, and then some ground cover plants: Ajuga, Plumbago and Mazus.

This is my first year doing plants and flowers (normally I just do vegetables and herbs) so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.


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Most plants have a limited bloom time. Once they are done for the season, they are done. But if they are perennial, they will bloom again next year. That is why people usually get a mixture of plants so that they can have blooms at different times.

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Sometimes flowers get a little cranky after transplanting but they will probably bounce back next season. Watch out for that ajuga, it can be very aggressive. I just looked up the creeping phlox and confirmed that its normal bloom time is coming to an end about now. If you can buy plants just before they bloom you will get more bloom time from them at your place than in the nursery. In any event, with perennials you should be o.k. next bloom season.

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