All Hope is Lost . . . I am Addicted

Ludi _PA_7aJuly 15, 2012

Well I did it again . . . I went and bought three more to get my fourth one free.

Now I am up to 8 new cultivars in less than 9 days . . . 10 total for the season. I'm not allowed to buy anymore, I've been warned. (we'll see)

In addition to the new guys everyone got a brand new pot for the winter and delicious potting soil (non moisture control). Here is a pic of everyone sitting pretty (minus Andrew . . . he is still in diapers at the nursery)

I encourage you all to keep enabling. This collection of mine is growing more beautiful thanks to all of your inspiring words and pics.

Thanks as always,


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Beautiful healthy looking plants, and well cared for as well. You just figured out that you were addicted? I knew that when you first posted about the Elegans. They had you hooked.

How about something in a nice light green like Lakeside Frosted Mint.

or Foxfire Irish Moon

Or maybe a big yellow edged variegated type like Satisfaction.

or Atlantis

What the hey. Get em all.


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Ludi _PA_7a

Hahaaa !!! Steve you certainly are an enabler. Yes, it is safe to say it was Miss Elegans that got me hook line and sinker (plus all you lovely folks and your infectious love for Hosta).

Your plants as usual are lovely and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. That Atlantis is amazing and the hue on the Lakeside Frosted Mint is nice.

I do have a “Wishlist” which changes everyday since there are always new posts with new cultivars I haven’t seen before. But at the moment this is where it stands. I plan on ordering when the catalogs are posted and finalized for spring pre-orders in Dec. Most of them will live in containers until I am able to clear a spot in my “front yard jungle nightmare”. More pics coming of that BTW, been making some nice progress when not off gallivanting at the local garden center.


Avocado - (love the colors)
Atlantis - (already in love with Jade Cascade and Montana AM . . . this one just fell into place)
Awakening Angel - (gorgeous when in a container)
Blue Ivory - (I am a sucker for a white leaf)
Cameo - (how can you resist this one?)
Choo Choo Train - (a giant mound of yellow leaves . . . yes please)
Dancing Queen - (upon recommendation of Steve)
Devon Green - (love the dark green and shape of the leaves)
Dream Queen - (saw everyone's from a post on GW . . . had to have it)
Emerald Charger - (Moccasin's picture enchanted me)
Empress Wu - (every Hostaholic needs a Wu)
Fluted Fountain - (I love the uprights and need solid colors)
Frank Lloyd Wright - (instead of Krossa Regal)
Frisian Pride - (I would have all the Frisian's if possible but am going to start off with this one in a container and see how it goes)
Hollywood Lights - (to go opposite of Montana AM)
Hoosier Dome - (overall character of this cultivar is too charming to pass up)
Hyuga Urajiro - (unique and inspiring)
Jade Cascade - (probably my favorite hosta ever)
Kiwi Full Monty - (upon recommendation of Chris instead of Striptease)
Krugerrand - (upright Yellow . . . yes please)
Lakeside Paisley Print - (there are no words . . . I must have it)
Lakeside Spellbinder - (this one I have been told is nothing special but it just does something for me)
Lakeside Old Smokey - (love the color)
Liberty - (again . . . a Hosta every enthusiast needs in their collection)
Mango Tango - (instead of Stitch in Time since I am a beginner)
Montana AM - (just . . . gorgeous)
Peacock Strut - (like the growth style of this one and I need more solid colors in my collection)
Proud Sentry - (just really adorable in its own right)
Radiant Star - (upon recommendation and then I saw the pics and was sold)
Regal Splendor - (seeing a pattern with the uprights ?)
Rainbow's End - (Bkay's pic got me with this one)
Sea Gulf Stream - (I like the dark green of the veins next to the yellow of the leaf)
Seducer - (UK's pic was all it took)
Teaspoon - (charming and another solid color)

I am still on the fence with Warpaint, Guardian Angel, and Emerald Ruff Cut.

Denial is a river in Egypt,


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Babka NorCal 9b

Yeah, right. The first step is to admit the addiction. The second step (in this case)is to simply enjoy the ride and buy and grow as many as your available space (as well as your checkbook) will allow. The only restraint I've been able to show in my later years with the malady, is that I'm trying to NOT purchase the latest and greatest ones until they've been out for a year, when the price usually drops in half.

BUT that doesn't always work.

Good luck!


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Have you been to Hallsons yet? I knew you were hooked from the front yard re-do. Welcome to the club. Have a great grow day Paula

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A great list you have going there. I have about 3/4 of those you've name. Several on the remaining 1/4 are on my want list. Dancing Queen is fabulous, definite must have in my book. Blue ivory is also stellar, I would not be without it. Montana Am., Seducer, Devon Green, Teaspoon, Kiwi Full Monty, and Hollywood Lights .... If I lost any of them I would replace in a minute.

Guardian Angel, IMO, is also a must have. Emerald Rough Cut.. Lost it last year, still on the fence about replacing. Which probably means I won't. My replacement gauge is; if a plant dies and all I can think about is it's demise and how soon can I replace it then it's a must have plant. IMO, If I take longer than 3,4 or 5 minutes to think about it than it not a must have.

Looking forward to more pictures as you go along.

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Ludi _PA_7a


I think the decision to overhaul the "jungle" was the catalyst. The Hostaholic was already buried deep inside me. Just needed some freshly tilled dirt to come out and spread its roots through my bank account. I am not new to botanical addictions though. My other passion is orchids and I have about 80 cultivar in a room upstairs under grow lights. It is a 3 year old collection and also growing. We can't afford real food in my house so we eat fertilizer and perlite . . . kidding . . . well maybe not after I get all the Hosta I have my heart set on.

I have not "been" to Hallson's since I am in PA but I did call Chris the other day to see when the earliest was I could place my spring order. He was so delightful and courteous I felt so bad I kept him on the phone for like an hour just basking in his knowledge (I am full of questions as we all know by now).

It was awesome talking to him. I will def be placing an order . . . and then another one . . . and another.
I can't imagine actually going there in person. I would probably suffer mild cardiac arrest upon entering just at the sight.

Your Fire and Ice is awesome btw !!! I am sure in time I will come to own one of those as well but I am a bit scared with my inexperience to tackle a fussy little guy like that at the moment. We will see how things go with Cascades first.

Babka - I am already making arrangements to talk to the neighbors and see if I can rip all that Liriope out of the lower part of our side porch to make more room for Hosta since my garden is going to be filling up quick with all these giants. Was thinking about putting some of the spreading types that HH was mentioning to help with erosion control since as we all know it is much more pleasant to look at Hosta than Liriope IMO.

Alexis - yeah I am a sucker for the big variegated types. I notice this when deciding what I want and am trying to balance it out with more characteristic solids. My whole thing with Guardian is I want to be able to see that beautiful spring variegation all year and the virescence would almost be like a tease as I watch the colors fade. Same goes with Warpaint.

I forgot to mention in the earlier post:

Raspberry Sundae

These two are also in the spring order list. Raspberry for the variegation and red petioles. Lionheart since it came recommended by Chris as a solid white leaf grower.

Thanks again everyone for sharing,


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Oh yeah, hooked to a fair turn.
And note how Jax was so coy to bring in a WHITE LEAFED HOSTA, after you said you were a sucker for them? Ah yes....

Well, not to be outdone, I'm going to mention another one, which keeps its white center but changes a bit with the margin color, and it is small enough it can be stuck in anywhere, and it is FRESH FRESH FRESH looking all the time, not a slug bite anywhere. I got mine from Naylor Creek this year. It's growing nicely and I admire it every day, just about take a picture of it every day.

Half And Half

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Ludi _PA_7a

Moccasin you tempt me with more gorgeous Hosta.

Half and Half is perfect !!! Whata' cutie !

I see Naylor hasn't registered it yet. You said it stays small ? That is awesome if it does, perfect like you said for all those filler spots.

I am going to try and do my best to not have a garden of all white leaved Hosta. But I find myself adding more and more as the days go on.

Thanks for enabling ! I'm still waiting for your suggestion as to which SOLID yellow to put next to my Elegans. I think the OP is somewhere around the bottom of page 2 at this point. It is titled "Looking for just the right one".


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bernd ny zone5

There is another one which looks similar, H.'Woop Woop', was also at the Hosta Library auction.

Congratulations! The plants you have now are young. But dream on, some of them will be 2 to 3 ft tall and 5 to 6 ft wide, and usually will look better when mature.

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I wish we lived closer I would share mine with you. I love giving starts. For many years I babysat and a boy I raised from 6 weeks married a couple years ago and he called and asked if he could have some starts. Thrilled me to death. I have 3 huge ones I am going to share with him this fall.

Oh, welcome to the "Hosta" club..

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moc-I absolutely L-O-V-E the center mark of the leaf to the left of your Half & Half. I would be very tempted to try to establish it as a sport. It would be on the top of my "Must Have" list. Does it seed? If it does I might like to give it a shot!

Ludi, I am 74 years old and became "hooked" as a child playing amongst my grandmothers Lancifolia picking out those "fascinating" little snails with no shells and retractible ears. (LOL) Ugh; a slug!

I sure can think of a lot of worse things to obsess over. (LOL again) Glad to have you in "the Club"


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Oh, Les, isn't it a beauty? Here I was looking for signs of sporting in the middle of the plant, did not know it could be someplace else. Well, dang my hide, I'll keep both eyes open next time!!!

Hmmm, Ludi, I'm thinking it is going to stay small, but not tiny. I love the texture of the leaf, and the thickness of it. I'll have to check it out with Gary and Jack at Naylor Creek. They describe it as Medium. The white stays white, does not turn green OR cream, but the margins which are fairly wide have a great blueness to them, and in our heat here they have lost a wee bit of that lovely color. But not all of it. Even with the rain, not all of it.

I will go on a search for the Lost Gold thread, Ludi. Do not think I saw it. Will save my golden-tongued words for that one.

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Ludi _PA_7a

Thank you for taking the time to reply, Moccasin. I look forward to reading your suggestions as to a companion for Miss Elegans.

I think I am in the same boat as you when it came to "seeing" Les's sport ?!?!?

I was looking for another eye ... Les are you just talking about the one leaf ? Cutting it for TC ?

Thank you again everyone for the warm welcome.

Hello my name is Ludi and I am an aspiring Hostaholic.

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