Clove scented arid flower

auxin(z7a Wa)May 14, 2011

I'm wondering about the identity of these plants.

Hiking around my area (z7a, southeast washington) a plant caught my eye that from 100 feet away I thought might be lily of the valley, upon getting closer it was obvious the only major similarity was size and approximate leaf shape.

The plants, when flowering, are 5-8" tall.

The leaves are fleshy, smooth/waxy, and have veins branching from a single central vein.

At the base of the leaves is a distinct ligule wrapping around the main stem.

I only saw them when flowering and at that state they had a main stem several inches in length.

The flowers have 3 petals and 3 sepals, are about 1/4" across, and have a distinct clove scent. The flowers are borne in great numbers from dense clusters.

I found the plants growing on a 45 degree incline of sand and gravel in an area that gets 8" of rainfall per year with intense summer sun.

My instincts tell me to figure out what this critter is.

Anyone recognize it?

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Rumex venosus?

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auxin(z7a Wa)

Ooo, that does look really close at least.

Thanks :)

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