POTHOS root bound do I need to repot?

organic_tessApril 24, 2006

I have a beautiful Pothos, that I am so proud of because of its continual tolerance of the lack of my green thumb.

I recently repotted it because the vines had grown to more than 7 feet, with a clay pot one size up. The roots looked to be root bound, but I was afraid to loosen them as I had been told that Pothos have very delicate roots that don't like to be disturbed.

Should I have loosened the roots?

Thank you SO much

Tess and my Pothos

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username_5(banned for no reason)

Pothos roots aren't sensitive at all. Instead of repotting into a larger pot you can just root prune. Whoever told you pothos roots were sensitive was thinking of some other plant, there is nothing about pothos that is sensitive.

As you said , it is very tolerant of your 'lack of green thumb'. Pothos are terrific plants for everyone, but particularly those new to growing things or those who want a mostly hassle free plant that doesn't get fussy.

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I'm quite green, no pun intended, but when you say pruning, does that mean I should take it out and loosen the roots that have wrapped around the soil? It seems so healthy, I'm afraid I'm going to do something to really displease it. Thanks!

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username_5(banned for no reason)

If it is healthy then don't do anything. Pothos can handle being rootbound fairly well.

However root pruning means cutting off some root mass so it fits in the pot better. Often the older roots get thick over time and become less efficient when that happens. Thick roots are good for anchoring a plant into the ground and not necessary in a pot. Cutting back the older roots usually promotes a flush of new, efficient root growth and can result in a significant growth spurt above ground as well.

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