Last frost date?

herbivoreJanuary 23, 2008

Does anyone know our last frost date for this spring? (I am in central NJ and would follow the one listed for Trenton)

All I can find on websites is a general one, meant to apply to any given year (and as we all know that doesn't hold true lately, thanks to global warming!).

Last spring my local nursery gave something like May 14th as the frost date. So apparently they get a different date than the general one listed?

Anyone have other info on this? Thanks! :)

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A good rule of thumb is after Mother's Day in Central NJ. I'm near New Brunswick.

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I live in northeast coastal monmouth county and rarely do I have a frost after april 1 although the soil and air are still too cold for tropicals

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I'm in Cherry Hill, and I remember my walls-o-water over the tomatoe seedlings having snow on them the first week of April one year. (The seedlings survived just fine.) We usually have a cold snap during the first 2 weeks of May, but gives us the 10 day forecast, so you can make your own judgement on when to plant annuals.

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Hi, this site gives April 3 for the frost date, earlier than the date I usually see.
For Newark NJ, in the northern/central part of state.

Keep in mind the micro-climate can have as much as a 10-degree or more difference. For ex I garden in a community garden which is wide open to the winds, and the last frost occurs there later than in the community in which I live.

If your plants are sheltered, for example by your house, if they are on the eastern/southern side of the house, can considerably raise the temp.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frost date NJ

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