Bougainvillea problem

house_beautiful(9)April 8, 2013


I bought a potted bougainvillea vine last July and moved it to a bigger pot after buying it. It was outside on the deck for the entire winter, and I did not prune it or anything. Its spring now, but I do not see any new growth on it. Is my bougainvillea dead? Should I cut off the long stems and can I do anything to revive it?
I also have another Bougainvillea shrub which I planted in a pot at the same time, it has started showing new growth although very spars. It still has a lot of bare branches which I did not know what to do with. I will post the photo in the follow-up.
Any advice will be appreciated!


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Bougainvillea shrub showing very sparse new growth

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wow, not a very active forum either. My guess (and it's a WAG) is that the cold killed it. Bougainvillea aren't very hardy in extreme conditions, afaik

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