Need help identifying a tropical shrub

jenayApril 3, 2007

I originally purchased the shrub at Home Depot. It has small heart shaped dark green leaves on thin, dark brown stems - flowers are upright bell shaped - blue/purple with a yellow throat. Since I've moved, I can not find another shrub like this or even know the name. It was very pretty. About 3' tall bushy to about 3' as well. It grew well in light shade and was perenial. Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

If you would, perhaps, share which state you were growing this in it would narrow down the options for those of us thinking 'Hmm. Maybe... Or... But where???'

And could you tell us when it flowered? Spring to fall? Just one season? A little most months?

Did it have a scent? What was that scent similar to, in your experience?

Was it popular with hummers or butterflies at all? Or was it too shady for them?

If you still have contact with neighbours from your old place, or even the people who followed you - could you get a photo for posting on the 'Name That Plant' forum?

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