craigpotter18January 21, 2011

I moved and am setting up a new garden/small produce farm in New Jersey. I have 1.5 acres to work with and I want to take my organic gardening to a new level.

But my location is not near an outlet or a faucet.

I want to create a solar powered generator that will charge a car battery. I want to use that battery to power a fence and a pump (my location is close to a big stream). The fence I want to use that portable cattle fence that looks like nylon rope.

Has anyone else done anything like this? I have minimal experience as an electrician. I'm not even sure what types of measurements (amps, watts, volts) I should apply to what. I've found some videos that help show how to build one but I'm not sure if they will sufice.

Can anyone out there help me out or point me in the right direction? Thanks! Cheers!

Craig Potter


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