Winning the war on the invasives by the river.

ficus-spider-manMay 27, 2007

Well this is my second year for restoring the sandy riverbank. The knapweed is almost gone, plus nonative clovers and russiuan spruge. The natives I've plants nobuddys messed with, expect for the ironweed some idiot picked a few stems off at the tips, not even blooming yet, GGRRR but even it is looking good. More common milkweed is coming up in places I havn't see it in years. The hot weather helps with the invasives they all get dryed up while I hual in a dog treat bucket fresh river water for my new plants. The fireweed is doing great plus the wild grape and virgina creeper. The golden rod and asters have come up too Only trouble is that it looks barren with all the invasives pulled up and I have little money to go buy more natives until next month. I worry about errosion sense its so close to the river with no plants really to help mine are still small and need care, cant wait to see what it will look like in a few years though if niobuddy messes with it..

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Congratulations. Try mulch on the bare spots if new plants are not in the budget. With luck, your natives will spread to fill in the voids.

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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

When flower buds are selectively picked off of plants it might be deer. They become more selective in the summer, when there is a lot of food to choose from, and sometimes eat only flowers, only fruit, etc.

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