Need help with woodland native ID

blueridgemtngrl(6b)May 3, 2008


Found this one this afternoon. It is growing in medium shade near our creek, but on not the bank.

I'm in the mountains in western NC.

I'm new to using photobucket, so I hope I did my link right.


Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket album

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Chamaelirium luteum, Fairy wand.

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Thanks, I guess it just needs more time to get into full bloom! I saw fairy wand in a book but it didn't look like mine :)

Blue Ridge Mountain Girl

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Unknown Plant

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Nice photo. Esh, Do you know how to tell if the flowers are male or female? I have not seen any seeds on mine, but since I have about a doz. plants, I thought the odds would be that I would have a female. Last yearI couldn't find seeds although almost all plants bloomed...just starting now, of course.

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Hey, that's not my photo - mine all turn out fuzzy! I have been told that the way to tell a female from a male is that the flower stalk grows much taller on the female.

And indeed that seemed to be true in my own yard - the tall one had the seed capsules at the end of the season.

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The Male flower spike will usually bend over to form an arc(as below) while the Female spike remains upright.

Devil's Bit or Fairy Wand(Male)

I grew these plants for a number of years and over one winter, all disappeared. Cause was never determined. I suspected Voles, because they were very active that winter.
Does anyone know if they find these roots to be tasty?

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