Blue blooming trees in WV, KY

hardmanknot(z6 OH)May 19, 2008

I was traveling through WV and KY this past weekend along I64. On the route in the forests along the road I saw many large/tall trees which had a light blue/lavendar colored bloom. Can anyone tell me what these might be.

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They grow wild here as well and are very pretty. Hope someone here can ID them.

Blue Ridge Mountain Girl

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Probably Paulownia tomentosa, an exotic invasive plant that is sprouting up wherever it can. Sometimes called Princess Tree or Empress Tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures here

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Empress tree sounds promising. Sometimes you also might be seeing trees that have some wisteria growing up them. I see a lot of trees with wisteria on them around here even by some roadsides that look very neglected.

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If the bloom is similar to wisteria (shaped like a cluster of grapes)they could be locust trees.
These are native to Ky and grow all over the place here.
They come in lavender and also white.
Right now April 24 they are full of bloom but have very few leaves.
The trees grow tall but not very big in diameter. You find them in uncleared areas because farmers cut them.
They grow fast have large thorns,causing injury to stock and people, and later in the year have long bean like pods. They have a nectar that is very sticky and drips on anything under it. They are also called honey locust.
The empress tree does not grow wild here and in my 52 years here I have never seen one anywhere.

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