Trying to identify unusual vine/seed pod

mimosa_sunrise(6)May 17, 2013

This isn't my image but is of a seed pod that I have seen growing along the outer edges of the forest along my house. It seems to grow sparingly and has a tendency to climb smaller saplings that I've noticed. The pod it's self is globe shaped with flat rounded sections- about three sections per pod. It's also very delicate and papery. Any information on the genus would be wonderful.

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The radial symmetry reminds me of the Malvaceae family. Is that what is left of the pod after the seeds are gone.

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Not necessarily.

I happened to have a dried specimen with me that I've been inspecting. The bottom part of the pod had a slight triangular opening which after careful prying open, further reveals four papery dark brown liver shaped seed casings with a hardened area in the center where the seed lies.

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