njtea(NJ Z6)February 9, 2008

This morning I noticed snowdrops on the north side of the house in bloom. Interesting that I don't see any in sunnier parts of the yard - perhaps because the ones on the north side are close to the foundation and getting some extra heat from being there.

The spring blooming witchhazel is simply full of buds. It's going to be magnificent when it blooms. Hopefully, when it does we'll get a couple of really humid days to enhance the fragrance.

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Heat radiated from the house sounds likely. But, now that I think of it, my original clump (from which all the others were divided) that are partly shaded by the long winter shadow of the house always bloom before the others, including those in full sun. Maybe it's because they're better established?

I guess it's the zone difference, but my snowdrops started blooming January 21, which is pretty much the norm here. By now there are whole drifts of them in bloom. Don't you just love it? These brave little babies are what get me through winter. They shine through even from a distance on a gray and drizzly day like today, beckoning me to come and sit by the koi pond for a bit, despite the chill in the air.

How nice to have a witchhazel! I've always wanted one (or more, lol) but stall when it comes to picking out which ONE ... there are so many to choose from. If you have any recommendations, I'm all ears. I did finally get a flowering quince last year - 'Cameo' will have pale salmon blossoms - so if there's any bloom overlap, I'd like them to complement one another.

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My 'Arnold Promise and H. vernalis are flowering. I need to check a couple of others as well.

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pontesmanny(z6/7 S NJ)

My Jelena is in bloom. It usually blooms for about 2 months from early Jan until early March.

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Loretta NJ Z6

I would love to have a drift of Snowdrops but they never seem to spread for me. Just one is in bloom and a crocus is showing color.
agardenstateof mind, as long as you get a fragrant one with lots of fringe, you'll be happy. I have Arnold's Promise. I couldn't resist it when I walked into the greenhouse at Fairweather and they just smelled up the place.

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Loretta, I can't imagine why your snowdrops are not spreading! Mine were one of the first things I planted here and our soil was very poor - a very fine sand, prone to compaction, devoid of any organic matter, through which any water passes rather quickly, carrying any nutrients along with it. A lot of shade here, too (mostly dappled shade from tall oaks) but they seem quite happy in the sunny spots, too. Of course, I've been working all kinds of good stuff into the soil, but it takes time to improve this silty sand, and the snowdrops are among the plants that have reliably stuck with us, adapting happily whatever the conditions.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

OK, now I'm going to have to plant snowdrops. And I think my crocus are all gone now, I don't see any foliage. I'll need to plant new this year.

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birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)

Saw some snowdrops in Princeton, and daffodil buds, but mine aren't going yet.

I do have wintersweet blomming - gorgeous smell. Weird flowers though, waxy yellow with maroon. I wish I could find 'Lutea'.

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