can any1 help me save my dying pothos plant???

nicolemb311(zone 5)May 4, 2006

Somethings wrong w/my pothos plant... I need some help!!! This was my first plant, So I dont want it to die, & dont know much about plants or nething, Its a HUGE plant. A while back, I think in February i got mealy Bugs, I dont have any other plants or nething so Im unsure where they came from. I went to a Plant store & got some chemical to kill them, i then sprayed it again in 10 days, & then wiped down the stems with qtips to get rid of the dead bugs. I know I did alot of things wrong, I had it in direct sunlight, now i know a big no-no!! for pothos! & i neglected it. A month or so went by & i sprayed it again with the chemical. I hadnt noticed any bugs for awhile. Im going in the air force & moved out of my apt. 4/29. & im giving the plant to my aunt to take care of while im gone (who has other plants) before i moved out of my apt. I noticed the BUGS ARE BACK!! i went back to the plant store, & the lady there said to spray it with chemical, then 2 days later take it out of the pot power-wash it w/a hose to get rid of the bugs & spray out the roots & then repot it. so i did all that & sprayed it again w/chemical & repotted it, It looked real good, i did all that saturday 4/29, now almost a week later 5/4 it looks so dead!! almost in a state of shock, & very britle. WHAT DO I DO NOW!!

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

First, calm down.

During your various gardening endeavors you WILL kill lots more plants. Unfortunately, that's a part of learning. :>)

The more you learn about why you killed, or even just damaged, a plant, the better gardener you will become.

Frankly, it sounds as if your pothos is way beyond help. So compost it, then go shopping!

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Are you sure it had mealy bugs? I don't use pesticide sprays ! -- for mealies, just dab them with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. The chemicals you've used have probably contributed to the plant's demise.

You say it's a huge plant, so what I'd do is take some cuttings (about 6" long). Wash them in dish-soapy water that's a comfortable temperature for your hands (not too hot or too cold). Be certain that all the bugs are off of the cuttings, rinse, then put the cuttings in a glass of water. If there's enough life left in them, they will grow fine in water for a LONG time, and if the mother plant dies you'll have the new starts.

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