Best heat-tolerant hostas

greenhaven(SW MI z6)July 28, 2009

I work at a golf course, and one of the largest landscaping beds is currently lined with Und. alba. all along a sidewalk, in a bed built of boulders, and receiving little to no water from course irrigation. They do 'okay'. They are artless, I know. In additon, the ladies group that planted this bed planted them all in a line that really clashes with elementary design principles of flow. It will likely fall to me to help put this bed in a better way, and I was tossing around the idea of replacing all or part of the Undu. albas. with another hosta variety or two or three, and re-arranging them.

Are there varieties that tolerate heat and sun betetr than pothers? I know most hostas will tolerate sun. But it could likely get pretty hot, too. This year has been unusually cool and wet. They might not otherwise get irrigation water, and not likely to get TLC watering, either.

What think you?

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jbranch(7B Alabama)

By far, the most heat tolerant hosta I have is H. Bressingham Blue. I have this hosta in moderate shade, but it always looks good, surviving our historic drought two years ago in fine shape.

H. Paul's Glory in lower right corner, H. Antioch to the right (also looks good in heat), and an old H. Undulata in the back.

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Bressingham Blue is handling the heat nicely for me. It is in deep shade so I don't know about sun. Regal Splendor is getting some sun because of a broken tree limb, and it has held up pretty well. I have one June getting some sun, and it is fine, but another one is burning. I don't know, maybe the second one is getting more sun than I thought.

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How about 'Paradigm' or 'Inniswood'?

Here's my 'Paradigm', it gets full sun for several hours and it really looks good all season:

Anyone else have more sun than I do on yours, and can testify to it's heat tolerance--and also 'Inniswood'?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how about a pic???

note.. that blue is a wax ... and heat and sun wear it off ... so though the above state BB is ok ... note that it is green ...

water is the ONLY issue in hosta ... and you are beginning the whole project by stating that is an incurable problem ... heat is not the issue.. its the availability of water in heat ....

if the project is to succeed .. you really need to solve that issue ...

in general ... white centers melt out.. so i would stay away from those...

plantiginea is nearly bullet proof in sun.. but for the water issue.. with the added bonus of 6 inch white flowers that are incredibly fragrant... a lot of her fragrant progeny also do well in sun ... guacamole.. etc ...

and.. undulata are the work horses in said circumstances... there are many variations on the theme.. i think you really ought to stick with them as a majority of your plants ... though.. a more artful design sure wouldnt hurt ...


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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

Thank you, all! I will ply the boss for specifics on where the water hits, and snap some pics. That reminds me that I wanted to bring my camera to work anyway!

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hey, oh my gosh what a gorgeous grouping. How large is this bed? Could you name them for me?
gramma jan

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Jan--I scrolled back up, thinking to see the pix greenhaven subsequently posted
in another thread (I know--brain freeze) and I see I'm the only one posting a 'group' so
perhaps you're asking for identity of hosta in my pic.

Let's see--scrolling back up----far left--the one peeking into the frame, left center, is 'Regal Splendor' divided from a larger barrel to a single in the one you can't see; up and over the top is 'Olive Bailey Langdon' in a large pot sunk about 2" in the bed; 'Guacamole' in the barrel under the window; 'Abba Dabba Do' in the ground between the two barrels; 'Powder Blue' in the barrel far right; down and back over right to left, 'Hyacinthina'; then 'Paradigm'; then 'Jimmy Crack Corn'; down now going left to right, a very new 'Amazing Grace' then my beloved 'Jewel of the Nile' waving bottom center!

That was a trip--back and forth with the scrolling but I think I got it!!! LOL

Glad you like *the group*, gramma!!!

Gramma too,
but it's 'Grammie Jannie' ;o)

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