Found some trilliums

timhensley_gwMay 14, 2014

I went on a bike ride with my son today. I saw some white flowers on the side of the road and stopped to take a look. They turned out to be trilliums. As I looked into the woods I realized there were hundreds of them growing in this area. I assume they are T. grandiflorum.

If my pictures are upside down its because I am posting from my phone.

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Nice find.

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I like Onoclea sensibilis too, though I guess within this context, trilliums are the prize.


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I like the sensitive fern as well but it's bountiful in my garden. I've had to start removing some it every year to keep it from taking over.

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Yeah, it's a mover. Are you able to deposit it in a woods nearby or anything like that?


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