How deep can A. tuberosa roots be

ficus-spider-manMay 17, 2007

I heard they have deep roots, What is the best way to remove them from inbetween a gurage and the pavement, I want to know in case new neighbors ever try to undo what I've done along my gurage. Planted, Butterfly weed, switch grass, brown eyed susean, and coneflowerm, among others in a garden. My dad is getting older and might sell the house in a few years.

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They can be deep, but it depends. The best way to get them out would be to thoroughly soak the area first. Moist soil makes it easier to dig and lift them out. Also, look at where the stem goes into the soil to see how the root might be oriented. Use a full sized shovel (not a trowel) and dig wide so that you don't accidentially chop off part of the root.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

Have you see this exhibit?

Though butterfly weed is not on that exhibit, some of the others that you listed are, the drawing does give one the idea about the depths of the roots of the native plants.

Butterfly weed is tap-rooted and will be probably at least as deep as the plant grows tall. (3' to 4' or more depending upon the soil and light conditions.)

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It didnt come up

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