Morning Glories

cbruce68(PA)May 5, 2005

I would like to plant morning glories in a container beside my house will they grow well in a container or better in the ground?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Much better in the ground....
Linda C

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they do great in a container, too. i grew number of morning glories last year in a fairly small container. they grew, bloomed amazingly. you would probably have to water more often since they get very wilts pretty easily.
alot of people actually prefer growing in a container because of their invasive nature, so i guess it's something that might concern you.

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I'm in Northern Virginia......I think zone little seedlings are only 2 inches high with 2 sets of leaves. Are they on track for this time of year??

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yes, they are as absolutly normal . they'll grow fast- they have all that hight they need to grow. i live in dc area, and they bloomed in august (later than what i thougth) last year, so be patient.

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I've had them in containers, so they trail over a balcony as well as have them now planted in a raised bed around an old tree that was cut down. We left the tree about 5ft high and have the morning glory growing up and around the trunk- Looks beautiful

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Just wait. You think they'll never grow. By June, July they will be reaching out and grabbing you as you walk by with their little curling tendrils. Plus, you'll never get rid of it. It's an annual but somehow, after I planted it initially four years ago, it keeps coming back and every summer I end up pulling some more out of my garden. It's migrated all over the yard. One year I found it twining up my blackeyed Susans. Another year it grew up a post by my porch. I had shade in the hottest part of the day (my porch faces west) because I ran fishing line and it climbed that too, formed a big curtain.

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broneyes60(5 IL)

I planted morning glory seeds, they came up not very tall yet, but I planted them around a tree in four different sections, three of them DISAPEARED!! no sign of them at all! not dead no holes just gone. HELP WHERE DID THEY GO????

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mrs_emily(8 Louisiana)

Speaking of Morning Glories, I heard they actually bloom better in not-so-rich soil. Last year I planted mine at the base of a tree and they bloomed beautifully and spread quickly. Then I weeded, added mulch and babied I get mostly leaves and fewer blooms. So how would I make the blooms come back?

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littlekinder(z8 DFW Tx)

There are wild morning glories and then there are the more refined, hybrid types. Wild will come back relentlessly. They seed everywhere. Have them in a container? Fuggedaboudit. They will come up everywhere - not necessarily a problem (not in my yard). Morning glories are tough. I'd be surprised if they care whether they are in a container or not.

I have had some hybrids reseed, some not. I can NEVER get the blues to come back. But purple and fuschia (sorry, don't know the exact names) repeat every year.

I'm in Texas so the weak definitely die off in the heat. In a more temperate climate they may all come back, I'll never know!!

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I had planted morning glories out in front of my house about 3 years ago. Well appparently I planted too many as they were all over going up a gate I had there and a Light pole.

Well know I don't want them anymore. I have pulled them out last year. Now I still keep finding them coming up.

I have sprayed Round-Up around the area because I do have this area with a border. But they still keep coming up..

I do keep pulling the morning glories out and throwing them away but is there something that will get rid of them totally.

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when my morning glories dye off, do I cut them back or leave them alone so they will come back next year.

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I planted morning glory seeds this year and they finally bloomed in August. They're beautiful, however, what do you suggest they climb on? I have some climbing up posts but some need something to climb on and I really don't want to buy any more trellises. How about fishing line or screening?

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I did not know that morning glories would come back year after year.

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I use fishing line for my MG's. I have a trellis that's only about 4' and they definitely need more to climb on. I had DH put up a wooden strip with eyelets, attached to the brick, and strung the fishing line to give it a few more feet to climb on. Once they're as high as they can go, they do get top heavy, but the fishing line work great and has never snapped.

I've grown MG's both in containers and in the ground. Without a doubt, the ones in the ground grow much better. I have two yellows (Ipomoea ochracea) in a container on my deck, and they're quite pitiful. I doubt I'll even get a bloom before frost hits. I'm going to try my common pink MG's in a pot next year; they've been a faithful bloomer (in the ground) and it's not a heavy reseeder.

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I planted my Morning Glories in March, it is now almost July and no blooms, how tall do they have to be to bloom? I hope my Heavenly Blue ones are ones that have come up. I mixed them up when I planted them, so I have no idea what color is going to bloom first. Is Morning Glory a July or August flower?

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Lack of blooms is usually caused by too much watering. You get more growth but less flowers..Mine are blooming now but the ones I have in a container require more watering so not too many flowers.

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When can I plant morning glory seeds directly in the ground? I am near Baton Rouge. Thanks.

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Be careful! Some municipalities have ordinances against growing them because they're considered an invasive species. Doublecheck that you're ok to grow them before sowing those seeds!

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