Lady Slipper orchid bloom time

dtclarinet(z5 OH)May 25, 2005

I'd like to see lady slipper orchids in bloom in Hocking Hills. When is their bloom time in central Ohio? I've heard they are done already in S. OH, except for some yellow ones. I hope to catch a few this week. Does anyone know a good source for annual info. on their bloom schedule?



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Here in Northeast Ohio, Cyp. pubescens, acaule and candidum are just about prime (about 10 days later than usual). Around The Cleveland area, May 15th is prime for the above noted plus Isotria, and Galearis. June 15th (give or take a week) is prime for C. reginae, Calopogon, Arethusa, and some of the Plantanthers like leucophaea.

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fatso(z5 OH)

At Cedar Bog in Urbana, C. reginae usually blooms in mid-June. It may be a little later this year, though. It's best to call the place you are going to beforehand; someone there should be able to tell you when the blooming has started.

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Can anyone tell me when they bloom in Connecticut? I was married June 10...and I know I carried them in my wild flower bouquet (with lily-of-the-valley, a bit of native laurel, buttercups and jack-in-the-pulpet) So I think it is too early to look for them in the woods...but I don't even see the distinctive two fuzzy leaves yet!
Don't 'ya just love this time of year!

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