Yellow Lady's Slippers, In full flower

fredsbogMay 21, 2007

Went out with a friend this weekend looking for Cyp. pubescens in the Cuyahoga National Park and we found quite a few large and small clumps!

The very large population that has been under study for a number of years has slowly been declining, A) because the park personnel decided it would be a good idea to flag each placing a little dinner flag next to each plant for the deer to find. and B) the plants are in a rather active slump and the rains of last season did most of the population in.

Anyway we found several dozen clumps that are not in danger of being washed away and are not near deer trails. Just thought I'd share a couple of pics that I took while out.

I have noted that the sepals on these plants are quite a bit greener than the clone that I have in my garden (from Cyp Haven)but equally as lovely!

My Small White Lady's Slippers (to the right of the Yellows in the photo) will be blooming in the garden in a few days, I'll try to post some pictures of them as well.

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nankeen(z8b Portland OR)

Beautiful Fred! Do you know how many blooming stems there are in the area? Do you know, if you've been there before, what sort of fruit set % exists in the fall? It will be "interesting" to see if the bee decline this year will put Cyp fruit set down...

I wish mine looked that nice!


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Ross, No idea how many blooming stems there are. The area is a lot richer than I thought. These populations are somewhat near to the populations I've been watching for 20 or so years but I've not been privy to these groupings before.

I will be keeping an "eye" on the plants to see what sort of capsule set there is, but Warren (Stoutamire) tells me that the plants are not pollinated by honey bees, but by bumble/carpenter type bees so the decline of honey bees should not affect capsule set. The larger question is: Will the deer leave the plants alone? I'll do my best to keep you posted!

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Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Deer are a problem everywhere. I plant cheap hostas as decoy plants. It works except for early spring when the hostas are not up yet. Lost eight Trillium dicepiens this spring since they were so early.

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