Pepper Plant dropping it's Flowers

AmechMay 13, 2012

Hi, I have 3 Cachucha pepper plants I started from seeds. I must of planted them around 5-6 months ago. They are indoors (live in IL) and peppers do not like the cold climate. They are pretty large. I have them by a window that faces West, so they get a fair amount of afternoon sun. They are LOADED with flowers all over, but the flowers are opening and then falling off. I'm not sure if these flowers are suppose to become the pepper, if they are, I'm not going to have any peppers since they tree is dropping them all. Does anyone have any advise. These pepper are not Hot peppers, they are native to Cube, Puerto Rico and Dom Rep.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Unless you have some good strong artificial lighting on your plants, they cannot get enough sunlight inside, no matter how sunny the window.

Full sun plants (like peppers) simply won't be happy with a roof over their heads nor with the typical indoor environment.

I'd love to see pictures of them! Any possibility of that?

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And they are wind pollinated as well :-) Non-pollinated flowers will fall off so you will need to do some pollination work yourself. Either gently shake the plants or use a fan to stimulate air movement.

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