horsetail fern

shadowgarden(z5OH)May 26, 2007

I was thinking of planting some horsetail fern around a little pond. But I was concerned because I was told it was invasive. I don't mind it spreading around the edge but I don't want it covering up all the water. What do you think? Also there is another pond about 200 feet away would it jump from one to the other?

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Most people think it spreads too easily, but I have a clump at the side of my lake that has been there almost 10 years. I removed two pieces last spring that had "walked" about two feet away, and this spring I dug two more that had sprung up but closer to the original clump. However, at the garden where I volunteer they are starting to show up in several places. Many people put them in pots and then place them down inside an enclosed pond area. That way they cannot escape. I think they are interesting and beautiful, but you need to be careful.

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