fpgoaFebruary 28, 2011

My hazelnut (filbert) fascination began when I saw the Arbor Day society people selling hazelnut plants a few years back. I researched the hybrid plant they are attempting to grow at Rutgers but they always seem short on plants available to the public.

I got some "seeds" this year online of European and Turkish hazels.

Has anybody had any success growing these in NJ? I am outside of Phila and have seen some wild plants in a few NJ state forests.

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I have a hazelnut tree growing in Zone 5b in upstate PA. My landscaper planted it about 8 years and it's growing beautifully. Unfortunately I don't know what variety is it. And I know I need to plant another 1 or 2 in order to get nuts. That's a project for another summer. Planting in glacial rock is a Herculean task - we had to use a crowbar and a mallet to plant daffodils.

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