Roundup on bricks dangerous for other parts of yard?

fierce_flawlessMay 2, 2008

I bought some roundup last year and never used it, because I don't like chemical stuff and I'm kind of afraid, however, I have 3 brick walks on my property that are becoming covered in errant grass and weeds and I really want to clean them up.

I am concerned about using the RU because I plan to do other planting in my yard (jasmine for ground cover, flower beds, a vegetable garden) but if I use the RU only on the bricks will it "spread" to the soil nearby and hurt other things?

Also, I have cats. Dogs too but they are inside mostly. Do I abandon all RU plans or is it safe if I keep the animals off the area until it's dry/absorbed/whatever?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Roundup is inactivated by soil contact.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Quote:Roundup on bricks dangerous for other parts of yard?

Posted by fierce_flawless


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Go ahead and use it - just make sure you don't spray the lawn or anything else you don't want killed. Round Up is an equal opportunity destroyer and does not discriminate between beloved plants and hated weeds. You really needn't be afraid of it - if you think about it, half the people on these forums wouldn't be here if RU was that deadly!

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