newbie already makin mistakes

cb-garden(6b heatzone 7 Perry county tn)May 26, 2013

Hi all im so glad i found this site. I decided to start a garden this year. I just became a stay at home mom and needed something to do in my spare time as a hobby. I picked a veggie garden... i started my own seeds and failed but i learned a lot while at it. So that was mistake 1. But i consider that a win even though i have no seedlings that i was able to save and plant. The next mistake i made was having a neighboring come over and use his big tractor to break up my land. Lots and lots of big rocks i have been picking them out for 2 months now. It took me two weeks just to get all the dirt cloods out of it. Now mind you i have no clue what i am really doin at this point but i am determined to make something grow. I broke up even more dirt using my hubbies expensive so now I have some tomatoes peppers that i bought at the local green house in the ground. I direct sowed beans peas lettuce and corn. They are all doin well. I gave up on my herbs that i planted they didn't come up. I'll try again next year with those.. but anyways this fall in gonna do the whole lasagna thing to prepare for next year. That seems to be the way to go. I have really hard soil. With lots of rocks. And i finally found a use for my hubbies and kids horses. Lol Hopefully someone can use this and learn from my mistakes. One the bright side. I have one heck of a tan... lol happy gardening

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Happy gardening right back at you! We have all made mistakes, whether we admit it or not, and we've all survived. Just keep learning and you'll be fine. I recommend that you get yourself a good basic gardening book - see what your library has - and work through it, and have fun.

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