Mulch in Ocean County area

royy(Z7)February 20, 2007

I am looking for a good mulch in the Ocean County area. I used A.C. Hesse last season and thought it had too many big wood chips. I would like a more shreaded mulch. Any one know of a good place to get a nice shredded mulch in Ocean County?



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I go to the Township ahredder
place here in Jackson Township. You can have all you want for nothing.

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I have been to the Ocean county recycling center in Lakewood, but they do not have dyed mulch. I need black to match the rest of the mulch I already have down. Any one know of any good finely shredded mulch in the OCean County area?


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Roy, right down the road from Hesse on route 9 is the commercial Ocean County Recycling site where they have black and orange dyed wood mulch. They also have triple shredded root mulch, the finest you will get. Back to the dyed stuff, It's mostly from building demolition, pallets etc. so the consistancy might be the same as what you got from Hesse, The only other suggestion would be to check out various garden centers for the bagged stuff, but again you will pay a premium price and not be guranteed to get a fine product.

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I never noticed the dyed mulches at the Lakewood site. I usually go there for the compost. Good stuff. Where are the dyed mulches located? I don't remember seeing them by the compost bins.


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