toolstackJune 29, 2014

Hello I usually post on the hot pepper forum but my girlfriend bought several lupine plants and after planting are not doing well. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.

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What does "not doing well" mean? Limp and wilty? Brown and dying? When were they planted? Anything very recent could well be suffering from some transplant shock. How often are these guys getting watered?

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2 times a week on the water and we planted 2 weeks ago and their wilted and droopy and the blooms fell off.

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That looks like extremely sandy and therefore fast draining soil so watering maybe an issue. And planting at this time of year can be a stressor on flowering plants even in the PNW. Water slowly but deeply a bit more often maybe every other day unless good rains expected. And you can cut back any limp/brown/dead foliage and old flower stalks as well. Lupines will push out new foliage when cut back, even late into the season.

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