cut flower question

flowerchick(6 NJ)March 10, 2005

Hi all, I'm trying to pull together some flowers in vases for a friend's bridal shower. Any suggestions where to get cut flowers reasonably priced? A further problem: The bride likes sunflowers. TIA.

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On each trip to the supermarket, I notice that they sell bunches of cut flowers priced @ 3 bunches for $10.00 and are very pretty. I do not usually buy cut flowers from the nurseries, usually plants, shrubs and trees.

Perhaps someone else has some thoughts....


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Hawaiiancutienj(z6 NJ)

I tend to buy myself cut flowers all the time. Especially once i find a good florist and toward the beginning of spring where i just die to see flowers, before you know it my kitchen and computer room is full of flowers. LOL I've bought those flowers the bunches for 3 for $10 and they usually last me two weeks sometimes three.

where are you from?

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Hawaiiancutienj(z6 NJ)

oh and forgot my message to flowerchick

Where are you from? What other types of flowers does the bride-to-be enjoy? I must say you are yet another sign that i am meant for florida. When I think of Orchids I think of home - Hawaii. I also hear that Florida has my a flower that is very dear to my heart Plumeria...did you grow any of those while in florida?

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flowerchick(6 NJ)

Hi Hawaii, I'm actually from South Jersey, now living in North Jersey. Florida was basically a three-year detour. :) I did grow a couple of plumerias down there -- one was always sickly and died, the other I gave away before we moved. I figured it would never do well up here. The palm tree is suffering as it is.

You probably would like Florida, because it did feel somewhat similar to Hawaii -- we honeymooned on Kauai and loved it! But personally and professionally, FL wasn't working out for us.

As far as I know, the bride-to-be mainly likes sunflowers. I was figuring on one or two of those per vase, then filling it out with whatever other flowers were handy. Any supermarkets/stores better than others? I was planning on checking out Trader Joe's tomorrow.

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