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thorndncrMarch 24, 2007


Just wanted to share with you information about Rutgers' annual 'Ag Field Day' -- April 28, 2007.

It takes place at the Cook/Douglass campus in New Brunswick, and is very family & pet friendly. Lots of lounging in the grass, performing groups, crafts, animals, and plants for sale. If none of this appeals to you, it's possible just to wander the campus, which is a beautiful part of the city. I'm in no way involved in the event, but I attended last year's and enjoyed it so much that it only seemed fair to pass the date along.

If I can help direct anyone to other resources in the city, please let me know :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ag Field Day

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Thanks for posting this. I never miss it either.
Want to mention that this is where Rutgers Cooperative Extension sells its famous pepper and tomato plants. If you want the best selection - arrive early!


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They do have great tomatoes! Lots of herbs, too. Luckily, I live close enough to walk there but far enough not to be able to buy one of everything. ;)

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