Just went to the Philadelphia Flower Show

patsi(z7-S.Jersey)March 5, 2009

Just went to the show and it's unbelievable !

The floral designs were stunning.

It's a must see.

I'd like to post the pictures on this post but it would be too long.

So will be posting some of my favorite pics on my blog if you like to take a look.

Click below.

I think you'll enjoy the pics.

Have fun,


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weedwoman(z6 NJ)

I was there Sunday. This is one of the better shows I've seen, I think. Here's something neat you probably didn't see, it was in the horticultural exhibits and was probably gone by Thursday: Clivia miniata, with fruit.

My camera's on the fritz and I could only take closeups, so I didn't get pictures of any of the big exhibits, but they were really nice this year. It was fairly crowded on Sunday afternoon, but I've seen worse.


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Loretta NJ Z6

Nice blog, Patsi. I was considering skipping it this year because I am so busy but now that would be hard to do.

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The Clivia miniata is beautiful!!
Great picture. I went Wednesday and a few flowers were not at their best. Very few :)

Garden pictures will follow come Monday.
Glad you enjoyed the link to my blog.

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Glad to hear others also thought it was one of the better
shows in recent years. . .after nearly 40 years of faithfully trudging down to Philly in late winter, I sort
of lose my perspective!

Tried something new this year, quite by accident, which I
highly reccommend if your schedule allows: first went on
Wednesday (at the opening bell!), but my knee gave out
after only six hours - since I had an extra ticket from
my dual PHS membership, I went BACK on Sunday morning, when
they open at the unlikely hour of 8:00am. . .Surprise! The
convention hall floor was practically deserted, and stayed
that way for the 60-or-so folks roaming freely about, until
after 10:00am - it still only filled up very gradually, and
by the time I left at noon, it felt like I'd just had a
private viewing. An old-timer working at one of the PHS Info booths confirmed my observation, but cautioned that
only the 2nd Sunday (closing day) is quiet like that. . .
well worth remembering for future shows.


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