wild agapanthas type flower in No Cal fthills

pollyannaJune 2, 2007

First post here, I am usually on the home building forums. I am in the Gilroy Ca foothills, which is in the Bay area. I was hoping someone would be able to tell me something about this native wild flower without posting a picture. It is very much like an agapanthas, the same blueflowers but this wild flower is very sparse and thin. The flowers smaller, the stem extremely thin, and very small and sparse leaves at the bottom, the ones I found today only had one or two leaves, they are dry at the bottom so I couldnt be sure. I also came across some lovely yellow flowers and some sparse hollyhock type flowers. I will be grading so they will be lost, I would love to be able to gather now and reseed these wildflowers when done. Is this done as normal seeding? Any suggestions on drying storing, depth of replanting and supplements would be helpful.

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I found the flower, its a douglas tritilea turnbull. I still would appreciate how to cultivate it if anyone has any tips. Thanks

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