Shasta Daisies

daisy_girl96(z5 IN)June 19, 2006

I planted beautiful Becky Shasta Daisies last year in front of my Dahlias. I've decided after this season, no more Dahlias, but due to the height of my daisies I will need to move them to a different location. When is the best time to do so? Also, what is the safest way to move them so I don't kill them and they suffer the least amount of transplant shock? I don't know a thing about transplanting flowers and I can't seem to find anything specific about Shasta Daisies but I love them and want to keep them, can anyone please help?

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username_5(banned for no reason)

Right now the daisies are probably in bloom or will be shortly in your zone. I would leave them be until their bloom is gone. Anytime after that is fine.

Transplanting isn't difficult with shasta daisies. You can simply dig them up and move them with no real attention put towards babying them. It would be good to water them the day before and avoid transplanting in the heat of the day, but even this isn't an absolute necessity with them.

Simply dig them up and move. If you tear some roots, it is OK, they are tough plants. In fact when you move them you can also divide them if they have formed nice clumps already.

To divide just lay the clump on the ground and 'slice' through the roots with a shovel. Plant each section wherever you wish.

Even if they end up looking bad after transplanting, they will still return from the roots next year as long as you transplant them into a suitable location for them.

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daisy_girl96(z5 IN)

Thanks! So basically, anytime after they're done blooming I'm good to go as far as transplanting/dividing? I won't be moving them far - just to the back of the beds where the dahlias are now, so the location should be suitable as it is only a change of about 3-5 feet. Thanks again for the advice, it is much appreciated.

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We have shasta daisies planted that have become long and leggie. How do I prune them back.

Thank you for your help.

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Fran...Cut the flower stems down to the ground after flowering. The new, green growth at ground level will look nice. For next year, cage the plant or stake the stems before flowering. They do best in full sun. In shadier places, they will grow taller, trying to reach the light. Clumps will die out if you don't dig them up and separate them every few years.

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I have 2 year old "Becky" plants that I need to divide.I am planning the division for this fall (mid-September). The foliage is still green. Should I cut it down to 6" or so before dividing? I will cut the greenery down to the ground after first frost.

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