Time to Mulch

ourbackyard(South Jersey)March 17, 2006

Listening to "The Garden Report" yesterday on 1060 and they said to not mulch until temps are regularly in the 50's. I usually start just before the tulips bloom so they will look good in a fresh bed of mulch. Thoughts?

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Loretta NJ Z6

Probably so the soil warms faster. If you have been doing that all along and you have encountered no problems, why not just keep doing it and enjoy your tulips?

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ourbackyard(South Jersey)

Here is the report, and I have had some fungi problems. Think I'll take the advice and wait this year. OBY

Don't Mulch Too Soon

by KYW's Fran Sorin

If you think youÂre going to get a head start on spring by mulching as many beds as possible over the next few weeks, think again.

Do not mulch your beds now, unless you live in a warm climate where nighttime temperatures do not dip below 50 degrees.

Laying down mulch this early in the season can do more harm than good. The combination of damp and cold soil and mulching is the perfect environment for fungi to blossom and insects to gravitate toward.

Wait until at least late April before doing this important chore.

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

My mulch? Last year's oak leaves........as nature intended. Gone are the $500 mulch bills each and every spring. That money is best used for new plantings and maybe a night out to dinner.

Currently flowering at the house (through the mulch): anemones, a bed of primrose, snow drops, daffodills, both hellebores (orientalis & fodaelis), and a couple of rh. mucronulatums. Columbine, asters, goldenrod, chrysanthumums, etc all peeping through with a fresh coat of green as well.

......black earth live again.

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