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joe_267June 16, 2014

Hi! Fairly new to gardening and just purchased my first house. The previous owners were fairly active in planting, so it's been exciting, to see what comes up. I have thought about some changes and additions I want to make.

My questions are: is there a good website or any books that can be recommended with garden plan diagrams? I would like to use them for ideas. Ie. perennial beds, etc.

Also, I have been diagramming in a notebook the beds I currently have, and what is planted where, It would be great if I could throw this into some sort of computer software, add and subtract plants, and basically create my own plans. Has anyone used any software that they can recommend for this?

Thanks in advance for your help! And thanks to the experienced gardeners willing to help us greenhorns. Have learned a ton in my short time here!

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