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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)March 8, 2005

Always visit plant areas in all the box stores when I am there for other reasons. One already had 100 6 foot trees of various prices and kinds. Went back yesterday to buy the same 'Autumn Flame' Acer Freemanii I have ordered from Forest Farm. My property, although wooded, gets little Autumn coloration, even among species famous for it.

The tree was about $25 and the one mail-order much more reasonable, but will be very tiny. Really could not pass it by, fully knowing it could be mis-labeled. I wish to encourage local farm markets and nurseries, but I am sure the same plant would be ~ $35-$40. It's planted already.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Was it still more reasonable with shipping?
I have been hemming and hawing about ordering a mukdenia from Heronswood. I am hoping to find it locally. If I order it, I certainly will. If I don't, I won't...isn't that how it goes? I have found quite a few 'special' plants I got from Fairweather Gardens and others at the local Home Depot over the years. Usually, I would rather give Fairweather the business. However, this year, they fell a little out of favor with me after a little phone attitude this year. I have to admit, it was out of character compared to the friendly service I have gotten over the years and I may forgive them. Still, it teed me off as I have brought them a few customers over the years and have always mentioned them on the boards. I was going to bring their catalog into my master gardener class and pass along the info on their open houses. So this year I am going to introduce my friends to a few new places and if I ever get another plant that doesn't break dormancy again or shows sickness, they will get it back. In the past, I let it go.

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Loretta NJ Z6

I just got their newsletter after I posted this. I guess I forgive them...

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

I did not make myself clear, I guess. I have Acer freemanii 'Autumn Flame' coming from Forest Farm and from past experience, I know it will be small, beautifully packed, healthy and as described. For 10 to 15 dollars more I found a 6 foot one at the local box store. I will be glad to have both. I just hope the big maple is what it is labeled to be. Price Itea 'Henry's Garnet' in the trade. I found a 5 gallon one in clearance, last fall for $9.
I also have dealt with Fairweather and suppose, possibly ,that they love plants and tolerate people. They had plants at the open house I had only read about or had never thought about before. So I will go back. The public was very friendly and staff polite. Waiting in line with what I found in the greenhouses would have been really bad, if everyone was not talking about plants.

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Hi Bogturtle, I know what you mean about Fairweathers. Everytime I walk around their greenhouses, I see plants I haven't heard/seen before. I haven't decided whether to go this spring or not, as I have no real need, but... I have started looking at their catalog. I think that means I will eventually find my way there.

One year my son picked out a wonderful orange rhodie. The color is big, bold and beautiful. I have never seen one anywhere else.

I've heard a rumor that one Robert is more personable than the other, and that has been my experience as well.

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