Corn Gluten meal

bobbobnjMarch 10, 2007

Has anyone tried CGM on the lawn or beds? I've researched the internet but I'm wondering how well it actually works.

Any ideas on where to buy around Morristown? Cost?

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yourpal(z6 NJ)

bobbobnj, you might get a faster and very detailed response if you post this on the lawn care forum. "Gardens Alive" catalog carries CGM, but I was told it's much, much cheaper if you go to a feed store. Is there an Agway or some such in M'town? Check there.

I have used CGM but I wanted faster results, so I scraped off my front lawn in September and replanted. I plan to use CGM this year to minimize weed sprouting. Not sure if I would use in a planting bed as I understand it affects root development. Instead, use compost as a top dressing to smother weeds before they sprout.

If you want a large quantity of compost, there may be a Nature's Choice near you. I just checked the website and there's one in Ledgewood. It says they deliver, but I just drove over to the one in Springfield and they filled my little pickup truck. I think it was about $20.00 for a full load.

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Check the Agway in Morristown. If they don't have it Somerset Feed in Bernardsville.

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Thanks for the replies. I don't know why but I'm not seeing this in the nj forum. I just searched again for cgm and found my question. Maybe something to do with cookies.

Anyways, I'll try them all. I just looked at nature's choice online. It's close to me and I never knew it was there. I need compost and maybe topsoil also so that's perfect. Motown Agway I haven't been to in a while but I'll check it out also.
I want it mostly for the lawn but my wife is big on preening the beds and I'd like to find a substitute.

Thanks again.

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Loretta NJ Z6

It's here. Try refreshing your screen?

I tried it one year. Can't say if it worked or not but the birds and squirrels had their noses in the dirt.

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I was at the Motown Agway yesterday- they had corn gluten right up front by the registers. Also- Pro Mix in the 3.8 cu ft bales- nothing better for transplanting tomato seedlings into 4"pots.

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do you happen to recall their pricing on the gorn gluten? How big were the bags?

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I believe they were 50 lb bags, I don't recall the price but I'm sure you could call them. It was the Cockadoodle Doo brand- they seem to have really laid in a huge stock of their products this year.

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Evan - thanks, I will stop by there this week.

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Use it up; don't store it in the garage for a year. Mine became infested with flour beetles and I spread it thickly on a weedy area. It took about a month to break down and had a sour decaying odor during that time.

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Went to morristown Agway today - they had to ship it all back to the manufacturer as their corn gluten meal had become rock hard and clumped up. They said more was on the way and was expected next Monday.

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That's funny, I was in Agway also on Friday. They did have Preen organic and it was 100% CGM. I don't know the weight but it was about $30 for what the label said would treat 1250 ft of lawn. Figuring I'd need over 10 bags for my lawn, I'll be skipping the cgm. The cockadoodle will be in on Monday but I'm guessing it will cost about the same.

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I just read on another forum that if you can find cgm at a feed store where it's sold as feed, it should be inexpensive. Packaged as a weed preventer, the producer has to pay royalties as it's patented for that purpose. As feed, it's cheap. I may try calling the Somerset feed store mentioned above, or look further out west in farm country.

There are a lot of positive comments here about the "weed hound" tool so I may buy one. They're probably all written by the manufacturer.

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Hey All,
FYI, I am one of the very first, organic landscapers in NJ. I started many years before lots of these great products were patented.

The down side to organics is the sheer volume needed to compete start an organic program. Of course, over time you will need less and less if done properly.

As for corn gluten, it should be put down around the time the forsythias are blooming to treat dandelions, crabgrass, and other annual weeds, and then again in the early fall for those fall weeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Landscape & Design

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Where is Natures Choice in Springfield?

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