Is this a good idea for markng where seeds were planted?

rutgers1(6NJ)June 15, 2008

I am a teacher, and we have a native garden in the back of the school. I try to keep each type of flower separate so that it makes it a bit easier for me to identify everything (they are marked) and remove weeds. This is particularly helpful since I am totally new to all of this.

I am writing because I am going to purchase and grow some plants from seed. My main challenge is that I mulch somewhat heavily and am concerned that the plants won't come through, or that I will pull them thinking they are weeds. Therefore, I thought that perhaps I could take an old container that flowers came in, cut out the bottom 3/4, sink it into the ground with the top inch exposed, remove the mulch from it, and then plant the seeds. This would provide a defined area where the mulch was cleared and seeds dropped. In theory, when the seeds sprout, I would be able to pull up the container and lightly mulch around them. I thought it would also give the kids a focal point when they are viewing the early weeks of the plant.

Does this sound like a good plan?

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That sounds like a great idea!

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I have done something similar by direct sowing on patches of bare ground and mulching around the area so that it was clear where I had sowed. Not quite as sharp definition with the container, though. The difficulty is that weed seeds can blow onto the bare ground and germinate. So I generally leave everything until I can identify it.

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