Diervilla lonicera fragrant? ( Northern Bush Honeysuckle)

mattdiclemente(7)June 25, 2011

Diervilla lonicera or Northern Bush Honeysuckle is a plant I am very excited about. It has yellow flower that resemble a honeysuckle, but is not a true honeysuckle.

It is beautiful for certain, and it is a native.

Is Diervilla lonicera a fragrant plant though?



Matt Di Clemente

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I grow this plant, but I have not noticed a scent. I checked in Cullina, and his material doesn't mention anything about fragrance.

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Thank-you NCrecue.
You are most kind.
That is what I thought.
I would be glad to hear if anyone had experience to the contrary.
I like the plant very well. I don't understand why it should so often be touted as a substitute for invasive. L. japonica though. What merits a honeysuckle's name other than a very fragrant plant?
L. flava, from the South, is said to be somewhat fragrant however, as is L. sempervivens 'John Clayton'.

Best wishes,

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