Highway fence with conifers

rgjac(6)February 9, 2012

My house has the backyard facing a highway; I would like to create a visual barrier that hopefully would work also as a sound barrier, although I'm aware that it may not work very well for that purpose. I would like to use some kind of tall (that reach over 16ft high) but thick trees that, planted side-by-side, would completely -- starting from the ground if possible -- block the view, and that would be green year-round (I live in CT, so I think it needs to be some kind of conifer.) The biggest problem is it's going to be a very long fence and I need it to be cheap, so I'm considering even planting seeds. Any suggestions on kinds of plants, where to buy seeds or small trees cheap? Thanks.

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We planted a line of Leyland cypresses (Cupressocyparis leylandii) to give us a large area of privacy. They grow very fast, 3-5 feet per year, and VERY tall, (50+ feet?), but can be trimmed. I like the look of them. There are some postives and negatives mentioned in the following article. Here's a link:


Thuja 'Green Giant' is another popular evergreen for screening. It's an arborvitae.

Not sure where to buy. Maybe Musser Forests?



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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Try Great Garden Plants. You can get 3 foot tall Green Giant plants in gallon containers at a reasonable price. If you want to go smaller you can get 4" tall plants for $5 at a number of other places. GGP will also give you good instructions and a guarantee on all of their plants sold.


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Thanks Leslie, I think Thuja "Green Giant" was what I had in mind. I also found that one type of bamboo would be a good fit, but for what I read I'm not so sure it stands the winter here. I'll try to find the place with the best price when I'm ready to work on this.

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