Many seedlings seem stuck at around 1' tall

msarroJune 6, 2012

Hey everyone! This is my first year doing a larger garden - I've always had container gardens in the past, using storebought transplants. This year I have a mix of transplants (replacing the seedlings which were killed/eaten in my constant battle with squirrels), and plants I grew in a seed starter. I seem to be having mixed success with the plants grown from seed. The vast majority seem to be getting to about 1" tall and freezing there. Many have been frozen there for several weeks. I have fertilized the raised bed in case that was the issue. Nothing has been allowed to get bone dry. But yet there doesn't seem to be any growth.

The only things which appear to have bucked the trend are my bean plants which seem to be growing quite well, a hops plant, potatoes, and onion sets. The transplants seem to be doing well save for one or two. However everything I planted from seed is simply stuck and not going anywhere. My marigolds haven't moved in weeks, and they still haven't flowered. My pepper plants have 2 leaves, but that's it.

I am basing my garden off of square foot gardening, so I made some mel's mix, stacked it about 8" high, and then tilled up some of the dirt beneath with a garden weasel to take advantage of some of the clay in the ground. I'd say it goes around 14" deep. The mix is 1/3 compost, 1/3 vermiculite, and 1/3 peat. There is also some aftermarket "mater mix" fertilizer mixed in. As of this evening there will be a layer of compost as well.

Also, the ground was not covered when I laid down the garden medium as the intention was to till the mix into the ground a little bit though I'm not sure if that matters.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Also, please note that this is in a southern facing garden, so lack of sun shouldn't be an issue. Everything has been hardened off (as soon as I saw sprouts in the starter they were moved outside).

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