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roses4everMarch 3, 2006

This is my first post in this forum. A little about myself. I'm a southern transplant, having been in South Jersey for about 8 years now. Moved here from Louisiana. I'm a flower lover, my favorite being roses. We bought a home with a good size lot, nothing in it but a few azaleas around the perimeter of the house. I got out there with my tiller and I know my neighbors thought this woman is mad!!! I kept waiting for the men in the little white suits to come along and take me away. But I will tell you I have met more people and made more friends due to my garden and they now refer to me as "the lady with all the flowers"!

I am just itching to get started, will actually be starting some of my seeds this weekend and am ready for the Philadelphia Flower Show. Plan on starting cutting back my roses in a couple of weeks.

Would love to hear from some flower lovers in the Merchantville area!

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Hi there, I saw you message and agree! I'm from vicksburg, Mississippi (parents are in Lake Charles, LA. for 30 years). Been up here in Jersey for almost 8 years myself. This is the first year I've had a place to suitable for planting and boy, do I have spring fever! I put in David Austins (JP) last year and will install about 15 more English this year...but from a different vendor - potted. With most folks having yard services here, I bet the neighbors do have a laugh seeing you with the tiller - though I would love to have one too. I'm around the Morristown area of Jersey. Since this is the first time for cutting roses here for me, I should do it in a couple of weeks? Down south it would be in Feb....ENJOY!

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Small world! Yes, I generally cut my roses back starting around mid to late March. It's about a month later cutting them back here compared to down south.

Let's hope for some warmer weather soon!

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Loretta NJ Z6

Welcome to NJ! I get my husband to do the tilling, I couldn't move that thing in a hundred years. The neighbors already know he's nuts.

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I bet your neighbors were taken back by a southern belle running a tiller!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

When the forsythia blooms is the prime time to prune your roses. It shouldn't be long now.

Welcome to NJ!

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