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keilamarie(z5 Mass)June 30, 2005


This first year here has left me puzzeled as to what is growing.

This first plant I just would like an ID:

This area was supposed to be an herb garden but I can not tell the plants from the weeds...does anyone see any herbs, lol?

This plant is invading my flower bed but I do not know what it is, grows like mad, I've pulled and pulled and yet they keep arriving full size....? Two pictures:

These bulbs never bloomed, can anyone tell what they are? Any advice on getting them to bloom next year would be a plus!:

Lastly, this can not be a new peoney it was here before I was and the house was empty and not taken care of before we bought it...but it still did not bloom:

Well, that's it. I've been wondering about these plants for weeks now, hope someone can help...

Thank you!


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1) if it smells strongly, it's bee balm. if not, it's a weed.

2) I see clover, and what MAY be marigolds. but whether they are nice marigolds, or weedy ones, is anyone's guess.

3) looks like some kind of bramble to me- that's one I would take the foaming roundup to, you'll never kill it by pulling it out- you'll be too busy pulling thorns out of you paws.

4 ) dig one up. it it has a round bottom, it's a gladiola, put it back in the ground, it's on its way. but I THINK they are young irises (they will have a finger- like rhizome at the base of the plant.) they like to have the top of the rhizome up above the surface of the dirt, so brushing the dirt away from them will help...they should bloom next year, and you have the beginnning of a nice clump there.

5) not a young one.. but it may be the first of a 'new' one where the old crown died, and this is the only survivor... or it could have been put in by a renter (we do that sometimes, put plants in we won't be around long enough to appreciate, just because the yard is so bare)

not a bad place, though :) mine looked WAY worse when I bought it- there wasn't a plant that didn't have a fungus infection, or something!

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