New growth separate from rose bush

Rhorer(8a)June 25, 2013

I have a separate new stalk growing about 4 inches from my hybrid tea rose bush. Not sure what to do with it. The leaves are the same as the hybrid tea and it looks like it is growing from the roots of the main bush. Sorry the pic is not the best.It is growing rapidly and is thin about 12 inches tall now. Could I cut this at the root and graft it?

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Many (most?) roses are grafted. What you are seeing is growth coming from the understock. It is typically from a very hardy but a not very desirable type of rose. Since these shoots grow quickly and with great vigor, they can sap strength from the desired portion of the bush. They are best removed and destroyed as soon as you discover them. If left alone they will eventually overwhelm the desirable rose and be all that remains.

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