Plush grass growing in horse manure

tbknoblochJune 27, 2013

I am trying to fix up my horse pasture. We have a pile where our horses deposited next to the barn over the past two years. It is wet, as it has been kept pretty wet bc it has rained a lot here. The bottom is two years old and some at the top is is 9 months old. I bought a bag of pasture mix and seeded it heavily. I was told afterward not to plant grass there bc it would never grow.

Well... Now I have a grassy horse pop terrain that is retaining water beside the barn. The manure still needs to be moved, so I have been slowly transplanting it to the barren waterway and other random areas. Now in told that it will not transplant and take hold in its new home. I'd like to make myself right again so that the horses have a better second pasture to alternate with.

I've been watering it and tring to walk on it to get it pushed into the mus deeper since it looks like there is not much actual dirt in the roots. ( the roots are 2 to 5 inches deep in places.

I'm thinking the waterways might be my best bet because the mud is deeper there. My question is: what more can I do to help make the transplanted grass take hold. It is over six inches long. It is too late to clip it, but I'm wondering if its length is going to be a deterrent in its success in the transplant. Thanks in advance for your help!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I hope that you were able to obtain some help with your situation.

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